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07-Nov-2017 15:11

This flood of celebrity skin has prompted folks to wonder, ‘Why are so many famous people exhibitionists?

’ The source of all this flaunting lies not in the culture of fame, but in the design of our sexual brains.

In our tests conducted in San Francisco, we were sent to a chat channel called, but similar channels also exist for users from Germany, the UK, Russia, Brazil, Denmark and other countries.

Earlier this week, users could freely chose between any of these localized channels, but users attempting to enter a channel from a different locale are now automatically rerouted to their local channel.

I basically reduced vast amounts of world-changing technology and advanced circuitry to a fancy machine for talking to boys.

Those of you who argue with me about the ease of getting laid should go right now and post an ad on Craigslist, then sift through the hundreds of responses.

Another interesting, and perhaps even more important, update allows users to instantly start their own channels by simply adding a subdomain to the Chatroulette Url, e.g. (Please note: This link is for demonstration purposes only.

We don’t control the content of this channel, which may or may not be safe for work.) Chatroulette lists the most popular of these custom channels on its website, and the list is currently dominated by sexual-themed channels, which might not be much of a surprise for a site that once was described as “71% Boys, 15% Girls, 14% Perverts.” In fact, the number of people exposing themselves on Chatroulette has led to a backlash against the site in recent months.

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That dream became a reality the first time I met someone using the Craigslist "Casual Encounters" section.

Those days of the 90s, when you’d go to themed chat rooms under cover of a pseudonym using a photo of a Norwegian underwear model as your profile to trick people, are now long gone.

These behaviors undoubtedly made it possible to express yourself honestly and behave with the ace up the sleeve of being able to completely disappear if you said something you shouldn’t.

Another feature dubbed Channelroulette essentially allows users to start their own themed channels to meet up with friends and strangers alike.

Visitors of Localroulette are automatically routed to local editions of Chatroulette based on their IP address.Anonymity as a powerful tool of socialization is now returning to the limelight, this time via your smartphone: Meow is a smartphone app that lets you connect to anonymous chatrooms and start conversations with users across the world, with the added benefit that you can do searches according to your location.