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14-Jan-2018 01:22

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Within hours the entire village was calling me William Tell.

Having escaped the small town mentality for the last fifty two years, I am hardly going to advertise my movements now.

A few weeks ago, QVC offered an Amazon Fire Stick at a discount price.

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Want to only view broadcasters between a certain age range?

Ain't it weird how if you aren't active posting any discussions/responses/comments that no one interacts with you and your bank just lays there like a squashed animal in the middle of the road? So I was perusing the forum and I suddenly realized... Because if I was someone else, I might be eating weird food, or following weird customs, or making weird purchases, or doing something else weird like... The sun is shining and supposed to get to 70 F today. We have shade for our motor-home and the toilet block is nearby although we do have a toilet in the vehicle. My husband called a few hours ago and said the tire went flat (blown, whatever-wasn't... I just had my breakfast and thinking about heading out for my morning walk soon. I had a weird way of studying when I was in high school.