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24-Jul-2017 16:00

You stop in the middle of the glistening water to break out some crisp, juicy pears and a wedge of Brie that's softened to creamy perfection. and pours on some old school blues, for a perfect nightcap.Then, as the day passes, you open a bottle of champagne and toast, as you watch the sun melt into the horizon. L.'s Blues Palace is all about the music, not the hype. • Roam and Relax – Start the day with spicy shrimp and grits or comforting cornmeal griddlecakes at Hattie's in the Bishop Arts District.Second, Texans are just as dysfunctional when trying to drive on ice. Both of these regions never see much of what causes so much trouble on the roads, so there’s just not enough reason to prepare for it.But if you really believe that the ticket goof and a vastly uncharacteristic winter storm will keep the Super Bowl out of Dallas-Forth Worth in the future, then you’re just kidding yourself —or you’re a Giants fan that just hates the Cowboys more than they enjoy winning the Super Bowl.Grab your favorite bottle of wine, your favorite blue jeans and don't forget comfortable shoes; you'll want to dance all night! L.'s house band rocks everything from blues to Motown to Doo Wop. Linger over some freshly brewed coffee and stimulating conversation, then wander through the colorful antique and artisan shops.Catch a cult classic or indie film at the Texas Theatre, and, to complete a perfect night, indulge in a luscious slice at Emporium Pies.

This, despite the controversy created following Super Bowl XLV when more tickets were sold than seats available."If you want to become a better reader, you have to practice. More than 60,000 families across Texas will read The Lemonade War this spring.