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03-Dec-2017 08:21

In terms of the CAP theorem, pg2 is AP: available and partition tolerant.

Despite the apparent complexity of such a task, it is (perhaps surprisingly) implemented in a single 400-line Erlang module using the same OTP modules available to our own code.

I haven't seen anything in this comic to base that on. Honestly, I was torn on how I hoped this comic would go.

WARNING contains swearing, frequent alcohol and drug use, mature/sexual situations Read from right to left!! My main problem was the assumption there would be smut.

WARNING contains swearing, frequent alcohol and drug use, mature/sexual situations Read from right to left!! And yet I wanted Sooch and Howie to live happily as a couple. Smut can be very annoying if overdone, and has lead me to stop reading stories, especially when it serves no real plot point.

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radiometric dating of dinosaur fossils

After watching his talk “Distributed, Eventually Consistent Computations” I decided it was time to interview Christopher. Originally, Lasp was a programming model designed for deterministic distributed computing with weak synchronization.

Howie and Sooch are friends and floormates at Raisley University. I have tried to find shoujo, it's hard to locate on this site. I started reading because it's fantastically drawn). You can check my d A favs if you want to feed your assumptions.

I do have a lot of BL on my favorite list for this site, mostly because it's what's available here. They are more lenient than some because my own art is not that's great and I hope others would give it a chance should I post something one day. Sometimes it can further the plot, a good example being another story on this site that a follow (yes, bl.

Additionally, despite the high quality of the implementation, pg2's Erlang code is not necessarily easy to read, even if you know Erlang.

“Your bride, is this guy.” When he awoke, Ouki had been given as a bride to Toushuu, the king of Dahlia. New contributors and/or collaboration with are welcome! Not only is its source code open for you to read, use, and modify - but the project is open for you to join and contribute in any form (code, documentation, bug reports, web and support).

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