Wireless connection validating identity networking wireless

25-Oct-2017 23:17

There’s more wireless networks broadcasting signals near where you are right now than you might think.The problem is, connecting to a network you’re authorized to connect to isn’t always easy.

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Columbia U Secure wireless means that all data, including that which is currently not encrypted, will be sent over a secure connection to the wireless access point.CUIT and Columbia Housing have expanded the Columbia wireless network to more residence halls.Students living in the residence halls have access to a high speed 802.11N wireless network.This means any general web browsing (HTTP), instant messaging or similar messages sent via the authenticated network will be protected against potential wireless eavesdroppers.

Columbia University wireless access is also available in most undergraduate residence halls.

Well, First of all that i would like to mention that i have gone through many threads on askubuntu on how to create hotspot but didnot find any relevant thread/answer that works.